Visit Teotihuacan without a Tour

Getting out of Mexico City for a few hours to see these pieces of history was perfect. There were many options to get there: private tours, public tours, hot air balloon tours, public bus, or rent a car. Tours were so expensive and long… we only wanted a few hours there. So, we began to research how we could visit Teotihuacan without a tour. 

We thought outside the box – we heard Ubers were cheap in Mexico City.. could that work? We looked it up before we left, and found that drivers were available out at the pyramids! Our one hour ride there was $25, and back was $18. (They include an extra cost on the way there in case the driver can’t get a ride back into the city.) When you get in the car, tell the driver you will pay the $4 toll, otherwise they will take you on a twice as long route to avoid paying it- yikes!! (In the US, tolls are automatically added to your uber fare – not sure if that’s not the case in Mexico, or what.) The address I used was “‘Zona Arqueológica de Teotihuacan Estacionamiento Puerta 1, State of Mexico.”

Your driver on the way there will likely want to keep the ride running and to take you back. He told me they don’t charge for waiting time, but even if that was true, we didn’t want to deal with locating the same person on the other end of the site, and having to feel rushed knowing someone was waiting for us. Apparently he was upset that we decided against his recommendation, so he decided to keep our ride running for an hour after we got out anyways…

Uber refunded us, but to avoid the headache, make sure that you watch them end the ride in the app before you exit the car! He did that even after we tipped him in cash too – rude! (I would recommend a cash tip though, since it is such a low fare for an hour long drive, and they are obviously going far our of their way.)

The grounds were big but straightforward, so it was feasible to do on your own as long as you’re ok with skipping some of the historic details you’d learn on a tour. A full day would have been way too long for us, so we were happy we chose to take Uber and visit Teotihuacan without a tour!

I even felt I had enough time to do some silly yoga poses like this on the top of Pyramid of the Sun. One thing I love about traveling in other countries is they are more relaxed about potentially “dangerous” activities. No doubt if these pyramids were in the US, no one would be allowed to climb them for fear of a law suit from someone falling!

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