Glamping in the Midwest

Glamping at The Fields of Michigan is the perfect Midwest weekend getaway to combine outdoor summer activities and a comfortable place to sleep. Read on to discover why I decided to have my bachelorette party here, and everything that the weekend entailed!

Glamping in the Midwest: The Background

I held my bachelorette party late July in South Haven Michigan. When choosing where to go for my weekend getaway, my main criterion was making sure it was driving distance from Chicago (since I was already requiring my friends to fly 4,807 miles to Italy for my wedding!) My first idea was Southwest Michigan, since I’m a sucker for a wine tour, and it’s an easy 1.5-2 hour drive from Chicago. My friends and I did a wine tasting day trip from Chicago a few years ago and had a great time, and if the distance was feasible for a day trip, it would definitely work for a weekend. 

So, next question: accommodation. I thought my dream of doing a glamping retreat was not possible in the Midwest. That had to involve a huge budget and a long flight, right? So once I settled on Michigan, I thought I had to bid that dream goodbye. (We actually considered doing glamping for our wedding but it was too expensive!) One day I saw my fellow travel blogger Jamie Says, post about a place called The Fields of Michigan. My first thought was damn, sounds great but I’m sure this is in Traverse City, a grueling 5-7 hour drive from Chicago in Friday traffic.  I clicked the link and found out no –it’s in South Haven! A two hour drive from Chicago! There is glamping in the Midwest! Instantly my mind knew – I had to do this for my bachelorette party!

Glamping in the Midwest: The Setting

The Fields of Michigan consists of 10 four poster tents, each housing a king bed, luxury bedlinens, a full running-water shower and toilet, and a wood burning stove. You can hang out in your room, around the fire, or in the Willow, a huge screen porch style common area that can seat 22.

The tents are housed on a real blueberry farm! If you’re there during the summer, you can pick your fill of berries to take home with you. The highlights of our stay at the Fields all involved food. For dinner, you can choose from a few dinner options, depending how much effort you want to put in. All of them start with prep from the Fields amazing chef. She can either do the cooking, prepare the basics, and leave it for you to grill, or prepare the full meal so it’s table-ready. If you’re willing to put in some of the effort, it’s cheaper per person! You can dine inside or outside the Willow at one of the communal tables, or even arrange for a private dinner table to be set up.   

The other activities included onsite yoga Saturday morning (more on this below), afternoon pie, blueberry picking, gourmet breakfast, and s’mores making. (Aside from yoga, all of these things are included in your stay! Rates start at $329 for weekdays and $379 for weekends, per night per tent. A cot rental is $100. This was the Fields’ first summer open and I look forward to the improvements they’ll make every year, such as a closed-in room for people who like to stay up a bit later! We were surprised given the high price point, but the Fields attracted all ages of people, families with children, couples on a weekend getaway, and adult groups of friends.

Glamping in the Midwest: The Activities

As I mentioned, we knew the main activity of the weekend would be our wine tasting tour on Saturday. We visited three wineries, Cogdal, Fenn Valley, Modales, and one cidery, Virtue Cider. The wine is nothing to write home about, but the ambiance, people, and experience were wonderful. We had no idea how many events would be happening! I guess it makes sense that a Saturday during July has to be one of their top days of the season. Cogdal was hosting a yoga event, “Down Dog and Dance, Fenn Valley had a huge stage up with live music, and Virtue hosts a weekly music series on Saturday called Picnics on the Farm!

After finishing at Virtue Cider in Fennville, it was only a 15 minute drive to Saugatuck, where we had dinner along the lake and watched the brightly lit boats of the Venetian festival parade down the water, with happy passengers dressed up to embody the Polynesian theme.  

Yoga at the Fields was another favorite activity. Cindy from Roots Yoga does classes around the SW Michigan area. She was awesome! If we had wanted to wake up a bit earlier we could have joined her class on North Beach at 9:00am for $10, but she came to us for a private class at 11am. ($100/class, perfect to split between a small group!) She brought a tarp and mats, and we could choose to practice wherever we wanted! One suggestion was between the pond and blueberry fields. We chose to be back under the trees between the tents to get some shade since it was roasting in the sun.

Glamping in the Midwest: The Gift Bags

As a thank you to my friends for making the trip, I put together some camping-themed gift bags.


  • Camping Mug (colored for them, white for the bride!)
  • Head Lamp
  • Red Wine Teeth Wipes (a selfish choice – I get the WORST red wine teeth!!)
  • Mosquito Repellent Bracelets
  • Campfire and Pine scented soaps
  • Field Notes County Fair: Michigan Edition Notebook (they have one for every state!)
  • On the Go TP Kit
  • CoTZ Facial Sunscreen

I brought all these gifts in my new Hartmann luggage pictured here! I choice the Century Collection because of the expandable zipper, which was perfect for this trip because I had it expanded on the way there when I had to fit everyone’s gift bags, and was able to zip it closed on the way home since I had less in my bag!

Glamping in the Midwest: Disclaimers

Thank you to The Fields of Michigan for providing us a 25% discount on our booking of 3 tents in exchange for this article and coverage on Instagram. Thank you Virtue Cider for a round of drinks. My luggage pictured in the photos is a Medium Journey Expandable Spinner and was gifted to me by Hartmann. I received samples of the On the Go TP Kit and CoTZ Facial Sunscreen at the Outside Experience show. The rest of the activities and items and experiences mentioned were purchased at full price! 

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