Just as I was starting to reminisce on my trip to France which was FIVE months ago (ah!) I got the opportunity to try some products from the French Food & Beverage Foundation! It was a perfect way to let me reminisce on some of my favorite bites from our trip in May. I’ve included the bites below that can be recreated with some of these products, with a link to where you can buy it. This post is sponsored by the French Food & Beverage Federation through a partnership with Zipkick

Elixa French Lemonade:

Drinking this sweet wild strawberry flavored lemonade is like having a candy explode in your mouth! As soon as I drank it, I realized it would be wonderful paired with half a glass of champagne for a nice summary refreshing spritz. It would perfectly balance out the sugary drink and give it an alcoholic kick. I would drink it after a long day at work, or after a day of wine tasting when you could use a little something different!


Hénaff Premium & Traditional French Pork Pâté:

Pâté is one of the best additions to a charcuterie board! My favorite charcuterie spread of our trip was at Au Bon Manger.

It’s a deli and wine bar whose motive is to get you to try a wine you might not otherwise pick out. They have the belief that people gravitate towards the wine they know, and like to get people to step outside of their comfort zone! For us, that meant a local white wine, as we almost always drink red. That refreshing wine combined with a meat heavy charcutterie spread was the perfect combination in my eyes.


Les Anis de Flavigny Violet Mints:

One of the most elegant hotels we stayed at during our trip was Hotel Le Cep in Beaune. The building dates back to the 16th century and was only recently turned into a hotel 30 years ago! The hotel provides a variety of nice touches, from booking wine tours for you, an elaborate breakfast spread, on-site wine cellar, and a nightly turn-down service with little mints on the pillows! We loved coming back to these after a long day, and the violet flavor was delicious.


I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane with me! Considering we got engaged at the start of our week long trip to France, it really doesn’t feel like it’s been five months! Post to come soon about how to spend seven days in French Wine Country. If you’ve been to France, please tell me about one of your favorite meals there in the comments!