Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston was the perfect weekend getaway. Whether you are a couple, group of friends, or a family, there is something for everyone! The city is full of restaurants and bars, and there is plenty of outdoor activities, whether it’s walking the streets, laying out at the beach, or perusing a farmer’s market. I hope you enjoy the map above, the recommendations come from Joe’s research, various shows like Bourdain’s Parks Unknown episode, friends, and other food bloggers!

One thing to keep in mind is that hotels in Charleston are really expensive! There aren’t a lot of Airbnbs downtown. In addition to waiting to find a good weekend for flights, make sure to check hotel prices as well. Since there are a few colleges in Charleston, random weekends can be expensive as a result of a campus event.¬†


Hunger: Favorite meal
Wanderlust: Most picturesque location
Travel: Favorite activity 

Hunger: Husk

The first thing that popped into my mind when I ate the Oat Cake at Husk was "I want to eat this for breakfast every day for the rest of my life." It stands true. I had never heard of Oat Cake, but luckily the Sunday Brunch menu item caught my eye. "Anson Mills Steel Cut Oak Cake, Buttermilk Frosting, Dewberries, Husk Granola, Hickory Syrup." The sweet and crunchy ingredients worked together like a dream, and I can still remember vividly remember the taste. As cool as the daily changing menus are, it makes me a little anxious to think I might never taste this delicious combo again! Even if this exact item isn't on your menu, you will not regret dining at Husk. Make a reservation exactly 60 days before you'll be there (which is as soon as it appears on Open Table.) We were very happy to "settle" for brunch, but if your heart is set on dinner, line up around 5:00, as they do take a handful of walk-ins when they open for dinner at 5:30

Wanderlust: South of Broad

South of Broad have to be some of the most picturesque streets in the country! Pictured here is Saint Michael's Church. Something to keep in mind when you go to Charleston is that every street is equally adorable, but "rainbow row" is the street you've heard of. As a result, it's clogged with bachelorette parties and tourists taking pictures against the walls, so it takes 3x longer to walk down the street than it would any other. You almost feel awkward taking a picture since a queue of people quickly accumulates behind you, politely not wanting to ruin your shot! The other streets in the South of Broad area were more quiet and adorable in their own ways. I highly recommended setting aside 2 hours with nothing planned but to walk the streets. Bring good shoes as some of the streets can be uneven!

Travel: Photo Tour

Joe and I signed up for a photo history tour of Charleston at the last minute. Liz from Charleston Photo Tours is an excellent historian and architectural guide, and also happens to be a professional photographer. The tour is the same price as other tours but then you get the opportunity to buy any of the shots she takes of you along the way! Plus, she caps it at 8 people, so it's a much more personalized experience (or you can sign up for a private tour!) We learned all about the Charleston Single House, Barbados style stucco houses, and the original colony, Charles Towne. It was fun to have someone else be the photographer other than me, and get some great shots of Joe and I! If you sign up for a tour with Liz, let me know, and I can get you an extra photo!

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