My name is Lily, and I am a travel and food blogger based in Chicago, Illinois, raised in Wisconsin. The goal of Hungerlust Travel is to show you that you can travel the world widely and frequently while still maintaining a full time job.

For 99% of us, the “digital nomad” life is not possible, because our jobs require us to sit at a desk, meet with co-workers and clients, travel to various offices to work with new teams, develop and maintain relationships, or make sales. Not only is this life not possible for many, most people I talk to wouldn’t prefer long term travel even if they won the lottery. For me, a huge part of traveling is the planning, the anticipation, the google doc itineraries, and seeking out conversations with friends and bloggers who have visited a destination before me. Having a routine is important, and what makes vacation so amazing to me is the contrast from my regular routine! While I would love to live and work in a stable location abroad at some point, quitting our jobs to travel is not on the horizon for Joe and I.

Hungerlust Travel is how I journal my personal vacations; I generally take three or four international trips a year, with domestic weekend trips scattered in between.  I strive to provide a constant narrative on Instagram, by posting Instastories in the moment, as well as static posts after I return from a destination, until weeks later when I run out of photos and things to say! When I’m home in Chicago, I mainly share restaurants around the city, events, and activities.  I also like to throw in budget tips here and there, whether it’s waiting to book a trip until you find a great flight deal, or suggestions on how to save in everyday life so there’s more money left over for vacations! One of my favorite parts of blogging is being part of the community in Chicago, as I have met some amazing people through events and collaborations.

I hope my blog inspires you to travel outside of your comfort zone, eat delicious food, and explore wherever you call home!   


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